Bespoke online coaching for ultra distance, trail racing and multi day adventures.

Hill Performance specialises in working alongside all levels of athlete or adventurer to provide training programs tailored specifically to you. Whether you have your sights set on a 30km race, an ultra marathon or a trans-alpine adventure I guarantee to give you the tools, structure and confidence to crush your goal!






The United Endurance Sport Coaching Academy is a science-based sports education company that qualifies coaches all around the globe. Through this academy, I am a fully qualified ultra-running coach. 


We are all different and as such, 'plug-and-play' training programs that promise to "better your 50km time in 12 weeks" are not the answer. I design totally bespoke training plans to match and suit your goals, experience and needs. We are all different, so let's train in the best way FOR US!


I am qualified to be able to give nutritional advice to help you achieve your goals. Food and drink are often overlooked in a training plan but fueling our bodies correctly can make or break us. I can provide race day nutrition and hydration plans as well as day to day advice


It is not just about running - together, we will track your sleep, nutrition, resting heart rate as well as developing an understanding that all external stressors affect our training. 


Training plans should not be static. I constantly monitor your progress, metrics and feedback to make sure your training plan is as targeted as possible. 


As well as being a coach I am a fully qualified International Mountain Leader which means I can organise and lead training camps anywhere in the world. 


I have raced all over the world and I manage this European race database. Thus I am able to advise you on the best races to suit you and your goals. I can also help guide you around different entry requirements, races styles and country-specific idiosyncrasies. 


I have been working, in one way or another, in personal development for over 10 years and as well as athletic coaching I understand that developing athletes mindset, confidence and resilience are just as important as the physical aspects of training and racing. 



I have been working in personal development for over 10 years and during the last 5 years, I have developed a running centred trail guiding and coaching business. I specialise in bespoke running adventures all over the world. Hill Performance grew out of my desire to dig deeper into the sport that I love and help give everyone that I work with the best possible advice to help them develop. My working life has been focused on helping people to gain confidence, build resilience and recognise their potential - Hill Performance is rooted in these values. 


Personally, I have been running since I was a kid. I started young, competing in orienteering and fell running events around the English Lake District where I grew up. It wasn't until my mid 20's that I started to take running more seriously and found that I had the legs and the head for ultra-distance running. Of all of the runs I have done, the Bob Graham Round in winter and the 300km Petite Trotte à Léon are my proudest achievements. I am by no means the best or fastest runner in the world, but I know how to work hard. I understand the processes that we all have to go through to improve, stay healthy and balance our hectic lives. I appreciate what failure feels like and recognise that it is part of the journey. I want to enjoy running well into my 70's, just like my Dad. Surely, isn't that the ultimate goal, enjoying the feeling of being outside, pushing ourselves, for as long as we can! 



It all starts with a goal. It could be a 100-mile race, a challenge like the Bob Graham Round, doing your first trail run or even going on an expedition to climb Kilimanjaro. Whatever your goal is, we will work together to structure the training around you and your commitments - this ensures you get the best out of the coaching process. 


You will receive four-week training blocks, broken down into detailed daily run and exercise descriptions, all delivered to you via Training Peaks. Together, we will look at your metrics, feedback and general progress then adjust the plan accordingly. I will always be on hand to answer your questions and make changes to your plan where/when it is necessary. A training plan should be fluid and not set in stone. 


You will receive written feedback on your runs and we will schedule a call every month to discuss your progress and chat through the next block of training.


I can provide detailed race day pacing, nutrition and hydration strategies as your goal approaches, giving plenty of time to practice and fine-tune.  


Ultimately I think that coaching is all about the relationship - and I am a big believer in finding the right coach that works for you. Different approaches work for different people and it is important to try and get this right from the start. I offer a free online video chat for us to see if we are a good match and for you to ask as many questions about my services and approach to training. 


Together we will make your training fun, consistent, impactful and meaningful - let's get started! 



Everyone has different circumstances and commitments so if you are really keen to get some help with your running but can't afford my monthly rate I am open to discussing different packages and options. I believe that coaching should be an option for all runners no matter their background. 




£75 per month gets you:

  • A bespoke training plan amended and monitored on a weekly basis as and where is necessary. 

  • Unlimited phone and message support 

  • Written feedback on workouts

  • Scheduled monthly meetings to discuss progress ad give furth information on your training journey  

  • Specific targeted nutritional advice

  • Race/event specific pacing, nutrition and hydration strategies 

  • Race event selection assistance and guidance

  • 20% discount on one to one in-person coaching sessions and training camps

If you are looking for a stand-alone training plan I am open to discussing this. I have built bespoke training plans for specific events or as a taster to my monthly coaching practice. Get in touch for more details.