Atomic Running Habits

I recently re-read a book called Atomic Habits by James Clear...well, ok, I listened to it on Audible whilst out on my easy runs but in my defence it's pretty hard to read and run!

It struck me that a lot of what he says is so applicable to how we can approach training and more importantly, stick to our training. You hear people all the time banging on about consistency and that to become a better runner you need to get out, day after day, and that "consistency is key". Unfortunately, as annoying as it sounds, its basically true.

As we have recently stumbled into another lap around the sun it seems like a good time to make a few goals to keep us on track but how do we make sure that we properly commit to those goals and how do we make sure that we nail them? I have taken a few ideas from Clear's book that I think could help us runners this year. So, how do we create good habits and stay consistent?

The 1st Law - Make it Obvious

This is where a training plan of some kind can really help. Having a schedule is similar to what Clear calls "implementation intentions". Basically, it is being really clear and precise about your habits. For example, "I will go running, at 0730 tomorrow morning on my 10km loop around the woods." Having this intention written down every day (like in a training plan) is key. Make it obvious - the great thing about the app that I use with my runners (Training Peaks) is that you can set it up to send you emails alerts and notifications about your upcoming workouts. Or how about printing out your plan and sticking it somewhere you will always be reminded of it.

The 2nd Law - Make it attractive