Running through the mountains, what could be more satisfying? For me, it is one of the most rewarding ways to experience nature. Moving faster and more efficiently means you can explore more of the landscape as well as justifying an extra slice of cake at the end of the day! 


I can offer adventures for all levels, whether you would like an introduction to the sport, you’re training for a 100 miler, or anywhere in-between. My experience and knowledge of some of the best trail running areas will guarantee a unique trip. 

I offer private and small group guiding in Snowdonia and the Lake District National Park for all abilities, tailoring the program to what kind of adventure you would like.

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  • Run some of the most famous trails in the Alps and follow in the footsteps of the greats. From the UTMB, to the Sierre Zinal. These trails can’t help but get you inspired!

  • Slovenia and the Julian Alps. If big climbs, exposed ridges and technical terrain is your thing then the Julian Alps are a must! I am always impressed by how quiet the trails are and how jaw-dropping the scenery is.

  • Morocco and the High Atlas. Want to run to the highest mountain in Northern Africa?

  • Romsdal, run in Killian Jornet’s back yard. The towering peaks rising straight from the sea are enough to get any runner excited. 


  • The Canary Islands. These Volcanic Island are perfect for some winter sun. With a host of popular and famous races, these islands are catching the eye of many trail runners. Gran Canaria, La Palma, and Fuerteventura are all great options.

  • Tasmania. I used to live in Australia, and of all the time I spent there my fondest memories are of ‘Tassie’. Just google the 'South Coast Trail'. Extremely remote and untouched wilderness is on the menu! 

  • Mallorca. As soon as you get away from Palma you realise that this island has much more to offer than nightclubs. Great possibilities for long distance stage runs through the mountains.  



The art of traveling fast and light for multiple days carrying what you need with you. Sometimes known as ultralight backpacking it is essentially a merge of trail running and backpacking. The art is to carry only the essential equipment (the lighter the better), hike the uphills and jog the flats and downhills. 

This style is extremely well suited to some of the most classic long-distance walks out there. 

For me, the beauty of fastpacking is that it allows you to fully use your holiday time. Essentially you fit in twice as much as a normal hiking holiday. If you like a challenge and want to push your limits in the mountains, fastpacking is for you!


  • The Tour du Mont Blanc. The most classic of classic walks. This famous circuit starting and finishing in Chamonix is perfect for a light and fast mission.

  • The Walkers Haut Route. More technical and remote than the TMB, this is an adventure for those looking for big days and big views!

  • GR221 Mallorca. This is a great island for some winter sun and a first experience into fastpacking. 

  • GR5, St Gingolph to Chamonix. The first stage of the classic trail that leads to Nice. Running from Lake Geneva to the iconic town of Chamonix with Mont Blanc in your sights is an unforgettable experience.

  • GR20 Corsica. By far the most impressive long-distance trail I have ever done. This is not an easy undertaking, but the rewards are huge, I can't recommend it enough.